Prediction of aircraft noise in view of reducing community annoyance around airports and heliports. This includes jet aeroplanes, propeller aeroplanes, and helicopters. Studies are mainly focussed on transport aviation, but military aircraft and general aviation also are of concern. In each of the following subdomains, one has to deal with three main activities.

  • Analytical or numerical simulations.
  • Tests in static facilities, in wind tunnels, or in flight.
  • Optimisation of novel designs.

(Source: ACARE Domain 111)


  1. Turbofan or turbojet engines
  2. Helicopter turboshaft engines
  3. Propeller (high speed and general aviation)
  4. Helicopter rotors (main rotor, tail rotor)
  5. Airframe-generated noise (high lift devices, landing gears)
  6. Installation effects of engines
  7. Sonic boom of supersonic aircraft includes ARDEP Sub domain NOIS of ENV domain