Any technology contributing to the deployment of hydrogen in aviation. Including, but not exclusively, hydrogen as a fuel, fuel cells, infrastructure, associated systems, energy management, H2 tanks, safety…

Technology type Description
H2 TANKS & SAFETY Hydrogen storage is one of the main issues to be addressed in hydrogen deployment, together with all embarked associated systems and distribution. Safety along the whole chain also plays a pivotal role in hydrogen deployment in aviation.
FUEL CELLS Fuel cell system including all the active and passive bricks: fuel cell stacks, balance of plant…
H2 BURN All technologies implicated in H2 combustion. From fuel itself to structures and all systems in the process.
INFRASTRUCTURE Hydrogen related infrastructure is yet to be developed in the near future are. Some of the topics will be: production from sustainable sources, production location, storage, safety, standards, large-scale production and distribution, refuelling, manipulation.