Aerodynamic Tunnel

General data

University of Seville - School of Engineering
Aerospace Engineering Department

Address: Camino de los Descubrimientos s/n  - Seville - CP 41092

Contact person: Dr. Sergio Esteban  -   email:



Closed-section open-loop wind tunnel operating in a subsonic test speed regime. The wind tunnel consists mainly of 3 parts, shrinkage zone, test chamber and diffuser. Thus, the tunnel has a length of 23.52 meters.

Speed range

0 - 30 m/s

Test Section

Width: 1.4 m Height: 1.8 m Length: 5m

Instrumentation for force and moment measurement

Forces, moments 6-axis balance

Instrumentation for pressure measurement

Digital multimeter

Flow velocity measurement instrumentation

Hot wire, 5-hole anemometers mounted on 3-axis automatic positioning system

Instrumentation for aeroelastic testing


Atmospheric boundary layer simulation capability


Minimum turbulence intensity(%)


Flow visualization methods

Smoke and laser

Tunnel test model building capability

Manufacturing capabilities, pantographs, plastic and resin-based 3D printers and laser cutters



Additional information

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