Green H2 generation

Renewable Hydrogen Generation for Aviation This working group seeks to guarantee the supply of hydrogen demanded by the aviation sector, for which it is considered essential to address the following points: Demand . Identification of the types of demand [...]

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Hydrogen at airports

Hydrogen at airports Hydrogen is an essential energy carrier for the medium- and long-term sustainability of the aerospace sector, and will mark a turning point in transportation and mobility: from automobiles to aircraft and rail transport, the means of [...]

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Synthetic PBS

Synthetic Fuels Synthetic fuels (or renewable fuels of non-biological origin), which are produced from renewable hydrogen and CO2 emissions captured, have been identified in both European (ReFuel EU Aviation Regulation Proposal) and national (Climate Change and Energy Transition Law) [...]

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Aircraft technologies

Aircraft technologies The use of hydrogen in aviation is envisaged in two main directions: as a feedstock for the manufacture of synthetic sustainable aviation fuels, and for direct use as a fuel in fuel cells or for direct combustion [...]

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