Aerodynamic Tunnel

General data

Aeronautical Technologies Center
CTA Marie Curie wind tunnel

Address: Juan de la Cierva 1 - Alava Technology Park - Miñano - CP 01510

Contact person: José Luis Simón  -   email:



Closed wind tunnel but slotted type wind tunnel

Speed range

0 - 60 m/s

Test Section

8.0 x 2.255 x 3.23 m (length x height x width) Slotted walls make the tunnel work as an open wind tunnel

Instrumentation for force and moment measurement

Six-axis balance for load and moments measurements

Instrumentation for pressure measurement

MicroDaq - 3 psi scanners for static or total pressure measurements

Flow velocity measurement instrumentation

Pitot tube

Instrumentation for aeroelastic testing

No, just high frequency measurements with the load balance.

Atmospheric boundary layer simulation capability

Yes, with the boundary layer suction fan

Minimum turbulence intensity(%)


Flow visualization methods

Oil flow visualisation and Smoke visualisation

Tunnel test model building capability

Through external suppliers


EN9100, ISO17025 (ongoing)

Additional information

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