Address: Fuerteventura | Islas Canarias

Contact: Sergio Díaz ( )

The infrastructure is currently under construction. Will be operational by the end of 3Q/2023

Who we are

CANARIAS STRATOPORT FOR HAPS & UAS is Europe’s first airfield. It is a public infrastructure managed by the Fuerteventura Technology Park (PTFSA), for shared use for research, development, innovation, simulation, flight testing, validation and certification of technology. This infrastructure is designed for the integration, operation, maintenance and development of products and services based on unmanned aerial platforms (pseudo-satellites or HAPS and conventional UAS) as well as for the associated training and instruction processes for operators and maintenance personnel.

The CANARIAS STRATOPORT FOR HAPS & UAS is an infrastructure that is part of the CANARIAS GEO INNOVATION PROGRAM 2030, an innovation program that seeks to carry out innovative and sustainable developments derived from earth observation through aeronautical and aerospace technologies.

CANARIAS STRATOPORT FOR HAPS & UAS aims to position itself as one of the international reference test centers in the UAS/HAPS sector with a series of differentiating features:

  • Proximity to the sea: located only 4 km from the Atlantic Ocean, a differentiating element with respect to other test centers, which facilitates the deployment of aerial platforms through the segregation of airspace (TSA) and the establishment of U-space.
  • Weather: The local weather is very stable and predictable throughout the year, with very few rainy days, very constant winds and temperatures between 20 and 28ºC (68 and 82ºF).
  • Low overflight air traffic (en route aircraft).
  • Good communications: located 10 km from the international airport of Fuerteventura.
  • Geostrategic location: proximity to the African continent, but in European territory.
  • Very attractive tax regime for companies for their establishment and for carrying out R&D projects.

Location and airspace

CANARIAS STRATOPORT FOR HAPS & UAS is located in controlled airspace, within the control area of Fuerteventura Airport. It is planned to have a segregated airspace over the ocean to allow the deployment of aerial platforms, both for test flights and BVLOS and BRLOS operational flights to validate and certify the platforms in a wide variety of scenarios.


  • ISSEC Multipurpose Building

The Multipurpose Building houses rooms, spaces and equipment for the control of UAS and HAPS flight operations, simulation, training, data processing, mission tracking and analysis rooms, etc.

  • Operations area

Central asphalted area of 50 m radius

Taxiway with a radius of 150 m and a width of 30 m

900 m long asphalted main roadway

  • Hangars

Large Hangar for HAPS 1 (180 L x 60 W x 45 H, m)

Hangar for HAPS 2 (100 L x 45 W x 25 H, m)

UAS Hangar (30 L x 15 W x 8 H, m)

  • Weather station
  • Gas management and storage system (Helium)

Aerial view

(status as of September 2023)


  • Mission Control Center (GCS)
  • Data Processing Center (ISSEC)
  • 5G communications system
  • UAS traffic simulator
  • Mixed traffic simulator

Services offered