EU Drone Port


Address: Das, La Cerdanya, Spain


Who we are

The EU Drone Port is a world-class facility that serves as a hub for drone-related activities in Europe. With a focus on testing, certification, training and licensing, it offers a complete solution for anyone interested in the unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) industry.

At EU Drone Port, you can test your drones in a safe and controlled environment. Its state-of-the-art test facility is equipped with advanced technology to support various test scenarios, from flight and endurance testing to payload testing. The installation is suitable for a wide range of UAS.

However, EU Drone Port is not just a test facility. It is also an ideal place to take your UAS to market. The facility offers support services to help drone manufacturers and developers ensure that their products meet safety and performance standards before launching them to market. It is also an excellent venue for research and development, allowing innovators to explore new applications for UAS.

EU Drone Port offers a wide range of services for drone operators, including certification and authorization support. Their expert instructors can provide training to help operators learn the skills they need to operate their UAS safely and legally. The facility also helps operators obtain the necessary authorizations to fly their drones in various locations.

Location and airspace

Our state-of-the-art facilities are designed to meet the needs of drone manufacturers, operators and researchers, and provide a safe and controlled environment for testing and evaluating drones and related technologies. Our facilities are suitable for a wide range of applications, including agriculture, logistics, emergency response and more. We believe our facilities represent the best in class, and we are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service and support.


The facilities and the area include the following:

  • Buildings. The test center is familiar with several buildings in the area. We have a hangar, a congress hall with capacity for 300 people, and a 4-star hotel.
  • Clues. The facility has 3 courts, a paved one of 1150x23m, a grass court of 540x35m and another paved court of 120x12m. The facility also has a 20x20m dronepad.
  • Hangars. The facility has 22x20m hangars with workshop tools available, an on-demand office, AVGAS 11 LL fuel dispenser, radio service and a weather station.
  • Aerial view:

The facility has 340 days of sunshine, with horizontal visibility greater than 1 km 99% of the time.

Aerial View:


The facility has different types of equipment such as:

  • Workshop with tooling available on the premises.
  • The facility is equipped with an AVGAS 11 LL fuel dispenser.
  • The facility has radio service: 129.825 MHz / 1130.300.
  • The facility has a weather station with historical data up to 2007. We monitor in real time: temperature, dew point humidity, wind speed and direction, and visibility.

Services offered