Address: Polígono Industrial de Cuiña, Parcela 165, 27890 San Cibrao, Lugo

Contact: Marco Antonio González (

Who we are

ANCORA Drone Test Center is a facility promoted and managed by the Instituto Tecnológico de Galicia (ITG) in the town of San Cibrao, Lugo, in a plot of land on the coastline provided by the City Council of Cervo, less than 7Km from the Maritime Rescue base in Burela and 14Km from the North Coast Heliport.

In an environment of low air traffic density, the test field for unmanned vehicles is located, with unbeatable conditions for integration and validation tests of coordinated ground-air-sea operations, flights beyond the pilot’s line of sight (BVLOS) or night flights. In addition, its environment is of interest to implement different use cases to demonstrate the safety and viability of operations.

These facilities have been used for the first U-space demonstration with drones in Spain, led by ENAIRE, and for tests of use cases such as transport of light goods to ships, surveillance and control of spills or poaching, maritime rescue, perimeter surveillance of an infrastructure or measurement of forest masses with drones.

Location and airspace

The airfield is located within the boundaries of the LEUR heliport. Given the low activity of the heliport, we have established a simple coordination procedure with the owner (SERGAS).

General view of the center


ANCORA has all the necessary facilities for flight test days, including offices, hangar, runway and parking for vehicles.

  • Building

Office with two workstations, meeting table and restroom

Parking area available

  • Track

Heliport Base 15 x 15 m, taxiway (4 m)

  • Hangars

Hangar available with tools and storage at the foot of the runway

  • Aerial view


  • Weather station (airfield quality)
  • VHF/UHF communications Air and sea band, ADS-B
  • Electricity, water and fiber optic supplies
  • Software Defined Radio (SDR), geolocation and positioning (GPS/RTK)
  • Indoor and outdoor video surveillance system 24×7

Services offered